Something great!


Good afternoon everyone!

This is something very useful for us, teachers. Have you ever had to choose a topic to talk or decide who a volunteer? Well, now there is no way out for students.

I have discovered this website just by accident. It is very easy to create the content of the wheel, you should just have in mind what you would like to use it for.

After working on it for a while, I have come to some ideas when editing the wheel:

  • I suggest you write about 20 choices
  • There are many colour themes but I would choose either “colorful” or “pastel” because visually they look great
  • Time: I would reckon about 5 seconds
  • Wheel diameter: I would say between 650 and 700 pixels because it looks quite big on my computer screen. However, I have not checked it in class…
  • Custom colors and text colors: I woul not bother. I like to see the topics in black and colour on the background.

This is my first wheel! 😉

Wheel Decide | LET’S TALK!




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