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March 12th 2017

Hello fellow mates!

This is something very useful for us, teachers:

I have discovered this website  by pure chance.  It is an online customised wheel you can use in so many different activities: as a warm up, as grammar/ vocabulary revision,  to encourage discussion in class, whenever you need to enliven your class…

Creating the topics of the wheel is a piece of cake and using it strategically could perk up your students.

After working on some wheels, I would like to give you some advice:

  • I suggest that you write about 20 choices. A bigger number looks a bit too chaotic
  • There are many colour themes but I would choose either “colorful” or “pastel” because the visual effect is awesome
  • Time: I would allow about 5 seconds just for the excitement
  • Wheel diameter: I suggest between 650 and 700 pixels because it looks good on the computer screen. However, you will have to check your IWB…
  • Custom colors and text colors: I woul not bother. I like to see the topics in black and colour in the background.

I am currently teaching the Present Perfect which can be a nightmare for some students… However, I have come up with something that should help them revise this verb tense while having some fun. I  have created 20 different questions starting with Have you ever… mostly using irregular verbs. I expect some questions to be answered in the affirmative form and others in a negative form but we’ll see how it goes in class. There might be some surprising anecdote! 😉


my Present Perfect wheel